Our Mission

Blues music is unique to our national heritage.

Blues music is unique to our national heritage. Blues music describes our shared history, how we transitioned from a rural to an urban society, our joys and hardships, and how we developed a social conscious as a young nation. The blues moves us to dance—we feel the emotion of the music.

Teddy’s Productions was founded to bring genuine blues music to New Mexico, and to honor its history as an original American music genre.

Bringing The Blues to Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Latest News

2003 “Year of the Blues”

Congress declares 2003 the "Year of the Blues," commemorating the 100th anniversary of W.C. Handy's encounter with an unknown early bluesman at a train station in Mississippi.

1990 Robert Johnson Re-Released

Columbia's release of the complete Robert Johnson recordings on CD goes gold, selling 400,000 albums in six months.

1969 White Fan Base

Muddy Waters and B.B. King perform at the Fillmore East, a concert venue in the East Village region of New York City, to a predominantly white audience.

Jan 1, 1808 The End of Slave Importation

Congress legislates an end to the importation of slaves to the United States.

Jul 1964 Delta Bluesmen Perform

The recently "rediscovered" Delta bluesmen Son House and Skip James perform at the Newport Folk Festival.

June 1964 Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer, the civil rights campaign to register black voters, draws young whites to the South.